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Hello, everyone!

We thank everyone who visited the website of the Green Plus Co., Ltd.,

a representative company leading Korea's smart farm industry.

Starting with the greenhouse business, Green Plus has achieved a vertical integration of the smart farm industry through the aluminum business. In the 21st century, the world has become a nice place to live thanks to industrial and scientific development, but the abnormal climate phenomena are occurring all over the world due to environmental pollutions.

The Green Plus Co., Ltd. is growing as a low-carbon green growth company in line with these chronological and environmental changes. We are completing vertical and horizontal integrations of the environment and energy businesses through the smart farm (high-tech greenhouse) business, plant factory business, new renewable energy (solar power) business, green (greenery landscape) business, and urban landscape (LED) business.

In addition, Green Plus Co., Ltd. will continue to invest in technology through customer satisfaction and technological innovation.We will grow into an honest and sincere company. With the philosophy of becoming a company that pursues value creation and convenience for the environment and humanity, we will vigorously open up a bright future with our customers.

Green Plus Co., Ltd.,

CEO Park Young-hwan