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World-recognized aluminum production technology, Aluminum Division

Specialized in extrusion/aluminum processing

Aluminum has excellent heat and electricity conductivity, strong corrosion resistance and high strength in the atmosphere, It is widely used as a material for steel due to its light weight and the excellent tensile strength and durability.

What is the aluminum business?

Aluminum has good mechanical properties and easy design change and disassembly, so it is developed and used not only as a material for industrial use but also as a material for various recreational sports. The aluminum processing capability of Green Plus is leading the way of safety and performance with delicate and precise extrusion, and we will continue to research and put effort to produce better-quality aluminum materials.

Advantages of aluminum business

  • High strength
    All product manufacturing facilities

  • Aluminum
    processing line

  • All test equipment

  • Extrusion line 3
    (All facilities of 4000, 1800, 1250t)

Characteristics of aluminum


The specific gravity of aluminum is 2.69, which is only about a third of that of iron (7.87) and copper (8.9). In response to the demand for performance improvement by reducing the weight of various parts and materials, aluminum is being used in the transportation field of automobiles, railways, aircraft, and ships. Operating efficiency of high-speed rotating parts of various machines has been increased by utilizing the light weight characteristics of aluminum, thereby suppressing the weight increase due to the enlargement of the device, etc.

Corrosion resistance

Aluminum reacts with oxygen in the atmosphere to form a thin and dense oxide film on the surface. Aluminum alloys that combine corrosion resistance and strength are used for various purposes, especially in fields like construction, automobiles, ships, and offshore development.


Aluminum is easy to perform plastic processing such as extrusion, rolling, forging, and molding.
Thin sheets such as paper and extruded forms of complex shapes can be easily manufactured. In addition, it is relatively easy to perform secondary molding processing or precision processing on the surface of the product that has been processed first, and it has excellent cutting processability.

Thermal and electrical conductivity

Because the heat conduction of aluminum is 5 times that of iron, the electrical conductivity of copper is about 60%, the electrical conductivity of aluminum is about 60% of copper, and the weight is only about 1/3, which makes it conduct the current twice more than copper by weight. Currently, it is widely used in high-voltage transmission lines and conductors, and the demand in the electric and electronic fields is also significantly growing. Thermal conductivity of aluminum is about 5 times that of iron, and this characteristic is applied to heat-cooling and heating equipment, engine parts, various heat exchangers, solar collectors, and beverage cans. It is also used for heat sinks to prevent overheating of recent high-density devices and systems.

Surface treatment

Aluminum can get corrosion-resistant coatings with various colors and hardness by anodizing surface treatment. Aluminum is a beautiful metal in itself, but it becomes more beautiful through surface treatment such as anodization and coating treatment, and can increase resistance in corrosion and abrasion by increasing hardness of the surface.


Energy required to regenerate aluminum is only 3% of the energy used to manufacture new metals from raw stones. Compared to other metals, aluminum is difficult to oxidize and has a low melting point, so it can be easily recycled by melting used aluminum products. Raw material (Characteristics of aluminum)

Raw material (Characteristics of aluminum)

Eco-friendly - As harmless and non-toxic material, 100% recyclable

Durability - No deformation/damage. Incombustible material minimizes the damage in case of fire. Maintains the cleanliness by disinfection (washing)

Lightweight - 40% weight compared to steel. Improves the work convenience by reducing weight

Processability - Customized production and interior products are used by realizing various designs and colors

Production (realization of customer satisfaction through the innovative design and one-stop production)

Implements the assembly-type (non-welding assembly) grating production by adopting the patented technology product design and batch production method

Production of various shapes of grating by operating its own aluminum production line (design, extrusion production)

Production in various colors available: Customized production is available by applying fluorine (powder) coating and anodizing (film)

Dedicated facility operation enables shortened delivery and high-quality, low-cost grating production

Sites of use (lightweight grating, design grating (interior))

Sites where installation work is difficult for existing steel grating and there is a concern for occurrence of corrosion/p>

Sites where the design grating installation is required: Shopping centers, buildings, public institutions, and other interior installation places

Applicable to all places in the building - floor (trench cover, design floor with double skin structure), ceiling/wall surface (design points, ceiling finishing materials, etc.)

Produceable alloy

*The characteristics of aluminum alloy and the usage

Material The Key Components(%) The Characteristics of Alloy The Typical Usage
1050 Purity 99.5 or higher Low strength, but high thermal and electrical conductivity Reflectors, lighting fixtures, and ornaments
1070 Purity 99.0 or higher Good moldability, welding and corrosion resistance Tank conductive material for chemical industry
1100 Cu(0.05~0.20), Fe+SI0.95 or less   wire conductor, etc.
2011 Cu(5.0~6.0) Excellent surface treatment and machinability Cutting parts
2014 Cu(3.9~5.0),Si(0.5~1.2) Corrosion resistance is poor, but the strength is very high and hot workability is also good Aircraft materials, transportation equipment
Mn(0.4~1.2) For various structural materials, etc.
2017 Cu(3.5~4.5) High strength and good machinability Optical mechanical parts, machine screw products
Mn(0.4~1.0) Corrosion resistance and weldability is slightly inferior Various structural parts
Cu(3.8~4.9),Mn(0.4~1.0) Higher strength than 2017 and better machinability Aircraft shells, structural parts
2024 Mg(1.2~1.8) After hardening, artificial aging is large Forged materials, etc.
  Good stress and corrosion  
3003 Mn(1.0~1.5) Strength is slightly greater than 1100,
and weldability corrosion resistance is equivalent to 1100
General containers, building materials
Vehicle material, ship material
Various materials, etc.
5052 Mg(2.2~2.8) Excellent corrosion resistance, especially seawater resistance,
and good formability and weldability
Structural parts for ships, fuel
Cr(0.15~0.35) Tank, household equipment, etc.
5083 Mg(4.0~4.9) While it has the highest strength among alloys for non-heat treatment,
but has slightly less formability Good corrosion resistance and weldability
Ship material, vehicle material, pressure containers
Mn(0.4~1.0) welding structural materials, etc.
5N01 Mg(0.2~0.6) After anodizing treatment by chemical or electrolytic polishing
it has very good gloss and good formability, corrosion resistance, and weldability
Air supply, ornaments, reflectors, etc.
6063 Mg(0.45~0.9) Remarkably good anodized film Extruded material sash for construction
Si(0.2~0.6) Excellent compression workability Door or other interior and exterior materials, etc.
6005 Si(0.6~0.9),Mg(0.4~0.6) Excellent surface treatment and weldability brazing Auto parts, mechanical parts
6005 Si(0.4~0.9),Mg(0.4~0.8) Excellent surface treatment, weldability and workability Machine parts and structures (ladders, etc.)
Mg(0.8~1.2),Si(0.4~0.8) Corrosion resistance and weldability are good Transportation structural materials such as vehicles and ships
6061 Cu(0.15~0.4) Strength for cooling and processability for heat-treated alloy, satisfactory for each other Optical equipment, etc.
6082 Si(0.7~1.3),Mg(0.6~1.2) Corrosion resistance is excellent and other properties are satisfactory Auto parts, mechanical parts
7075 Zn(5.1~6.1) Has a much higher strength than 2024, and
maintains the highest strength among current AI alloys
Aircraft materials, sports equipment, etc.
7003 Zn(5.0~6.5),Mg(0.5~1.0) Extruded alloys for the welded structures Vehicles, motorcycles-rims, etc.
7N01 Mg(1.0~2.0),Zn(4.5~5.0) Excellent weldability Vehicle structure material, welding structure material

Production Goods

  • 1

    Aluminum for electricity and electronics

    For high-precision processing, we are rapidly converting from existing rolled plates to extruded squares to reduce cost, and with the technological know-how unique to Green Plus, the leader in strength and machinability in its industry, it is used as a heat sink for allhome appliances that generate a lot of heat such as computers, audio systems, air conditioners, refrigerators, and televisions.

  • 2

    Aluminum for construction and industrial uses

    With the own technology of Green Plus rich in production experience and technical know-how for high-precision LED parts and difficult commercial parts, we produce a wide range of products across the industry including interior and exterior materials for construction, frames, automobile parts. We also produce electronic products, outdoor billboards, factory automation lines, handrail guide rails of hospital corridors for patients, aluminum, bridge railings, and also windows for greenhouse structures.

  • 3

    Aluminum for automotive defense

    With the technology of Green Plus that enhances safety and performance with the precise extrusion, it produces strong and safe high-strength aluminum that is strong against external shocks such as passenger cars, sports cars, specially equipped vehicles, elevated ladder trucks, high-speed trains, airplanes, and ships.

  • 4

    Various square lumbers, sewing materials, and pipes

    Green Plus has over a thousand types of standardized square bar pipe molds secured through years of business, and mass-produces from large- to small-sized extrusions. With the precise extrusion capability, Green Plus is producing products with exact specifications, and the quality is also excellent.

Composition of aluminum grating products

- T-type, I-type (non-slip) grating

Non-slip (anti-slip) function

Trench cover (swimming pool, rainwater cover)

Design deck material for buildings

No corrosion due to the excellent corrosion resistance

Lightweight makes the installation and maintenance easy

Anti-corrosion surface treatment applied

Production of customized products

- Trench aluminum cover

Trench cover

Interior flooring (heat-resistant material)

- Lattice grating

Design grid (ceiling, wall)

Interior finishing materials

Safety flooring for the industrial site

Implementing various colors

Assembly with no welding and bolts to realize a luxurious appearance

Customized production available

Application sites of aluminum grating

- Aluminum grating

  • Design cover (22mm I-shape) as the exterior wall of the building
  • Interior cover for heat sink
    inside buildings
  • Interior
    deck flooring

- Aluminum T-type grating

  • Hotel swimming pool grating (T-type non-slip)
  • Fountain grating cover (22mm - T-type non-slip)
  • Safety stairs
  • Installation site for the safety staircase
  • Scaffolding for safety stairs
  • Safety foothold for the facility inspection passageway
  • Safety footing for wastewater treatment plant (T-type non-slip)

Aluminum grid type grating (Design - grating)

  • Finished material for the interior ceiling
  • Grid-type aluminum grating installation space
  • Wall material for the interior display
  • No welding, no bolt assembly