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Low power consumption LED technology that beautifully illuminates city nights!


LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor light emitting device that converts electrical energy into light energy, and It has the advantages of digital control performance, high efficiency, and long life, and is attracting attention as an ideal next-generation light source in terms of light color control, energy saving, and eco-friendly aspects.

What is the urban landscape business?

The R&D team of Green Plus has completed the development of a sturdy and safe street light (wind speed 35m/sec) as well as a unique design in which light is freely displayed in the desired color, Also, the outdoor lighting facilities such as subways and bus stops can be manufactured according to the specifications that customers want.
LEDs are characterized by high luminous efficiency and long lifespan.
Compared to incandescent or fluorescent lamps, LEDs have high performance up to 90% photovoltaic efficiency and up to 100,000 hours lifespan,
for example. Distributors, workplaces, and public sectors are replacing existing lighting, and their use is expected to expand for general homes and offices as well.
The urban landscape business of Green Plus shows an eco-friendly urban landscape business that takes into account the strong durability and stability, harmony with the local landscape and the surroundings, and cultural landscape through the combination of aluminum heat dissipation technology that has been recognized for several years.

Advantages of urban landscape business

  • Durability that no falling occurs even in strong winds (35m/sec)

  • Changes to different colors (R, G, B color) every few seconds

  • Low power LED adoption without worry of maintenance

  • Considering the harmony with the surrounding environment

Nambusunhwan-ro around Seoul Arts Center, Seocho-gu

Scenery lighting facilities such as subways, bus stops, and outdoor advertisements