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Design the exterior of the building with colored gutter!


The colored gutter of Green Plus can create various colors by using eco-friendly powder coating to suit the purpose and design of the building, and it is easy to install and uses semi-permanent aluminum, so which makes it competitive compared to the gutters made of stainless steel or plastic.

Advantages of the gutter

  • 1

    Easy assembly and disassembly with smart one-touch construction (reduction of labor costs)

    The labor cost can be reduced with the simple one-touch construction

    Easy assembly and distribution

  • 2

    Made of aluminum, it is light and rust-free, and can be used semi-permanently

    It does not rust, making it semi-permanent

    Lightweight aluminum

  • 3

    Round, square, hexagonal design available

    Multiple choices for building conditions

  • 4

    Eco-friendly powder coatings used to provide customized colors to customers

    Using eco-friendly powder paint

    Provides customized colors such as red, blue, or hammer tone

  • 5

    Convex joint, no worry of leakage

    Zero leakage of connection part (Patent application)

    The connection part applied for a patent by Green Plus is a convex joint, not a welding

  • 6

    Made of aluminum, the price is cheaper than conventional gutters made of stainless steel and copper

    Low cost, high quality, remarkable effect

    Low price compared to the gutter made of stainless, etc.

Comparison table of the conventional gutter and the colored aluminum gutter

Item Existing Gutter Color Aluminum gutter
Material Stainless steel PVC Aluminum
Connection Method Welding PVC joint One-touch joint
Connection Part Appearance Not smooth due to welding and joints Flawless smoothness
Color Stainless Single Color Grey Red, Blue, White, Bronze, etc.
(Various customized colors)
Type High price Low price Round, Square, Hexagonal
Price Round 0.8 times the price of the original stainless steel
Weight 3.3 times of aluminum 0.5 times of aluminum 1(Reference value)
Lifespan Semi-permanent Some damage after 3-4 years Semi-permanent