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Smart Farm

We have distributed about 648 acres of smart farms in Korea and Japan over the past 20 years and hold 60 domestic and overseas patents related to smart farms from the design of the basic structure to the construction.

What is a smart farm?

The fourth industry that maximizes the productivity and efficiency of the agriculture and fisheries industry by creating an optimal environment for the production of agricultural and livestock products by combining big data and IoT technology with agriculture as a compound word of smart + farm.

Distinction of the Green Plus Smart Farm


There is not enough time to start facility farming after looking more than 10 years ahead. Using products that are not properly compatible or maintained will often cost more in the later time. Green Plus started localization in 1997 when the glass greenhouse was first introduced in Korea, and has been continuously operating the smart farm business for 24 years. Also, it is the only domestic smart farm company to be listed on the stock market in recognition of its stability and discrimination.


While it looks similar from the outside, there are many differences when it comes to actual operation. We are the only smart farm company with recognized technology that has been exporting the skylight switch, circulation filtration system, the root-zone cooling and heating system, up-down system, automatic sorting system, etc. for 20 years to Japan, an advanced agricultural country. Currently, we have launched a desert-type smart farm development project that is considered the ultimate goal of smart farm companies.


We are directly operating the single largest horticultural crop smart farm in Korea, and we are also designing and operating the largest domestic eel farm. In addition, we are the company that has built the largest smart farm in Asia. We have also ranked first in the construction capacity evaluation ranking for nine consecutive years since the year when the greenhouse construction capacity evaluation first started. As smart farms for high-tech agriculture, we have the highest level of know-how.

Smart farm design and the construction procedure

Major technologies of Green Plus Smart Farm

  • Opening and closing system of the double skylight

    Increase the ventilation rate by 60% with the double skylight method

    Lightweight and easy to install using aluminum

    As a standard product, it has excellent airtightness and has no worry of leakage.

    Through the installation of the SUS insect screen, it is effective to prevent the inflow of pests and diseases.

  • Up-down cultivation system

    Advances the cultivation method and maximizes the work efficiency

    Possesses various cultivation gutter molds and accessories

    Maintains corrosion resistance by using the highest-quality color steel plate in Korea

  • Root-zone cooling and heating system

    Root-zone cooling and heating system allows cold water and hot water to flow around the roots of cultivated crops to achieve the optimum temperature required for plant growth.

    Instead of cooling and heating the entire facility, it significantly reduces energy use and maximizes crop growth through cooling and heating in the root zone.

  • 500 types of aluminum profiles

    Complements the shortcomings of the existing stainless and plastic pad bars (prevents rust or decay)

    Aluminum material, light and semi-permanent

    Standard product, easy to install and repair

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