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Future technology through unrivaled automatic transfer technology, Farm Factory Division

Plant factory

A system that artificially controls light, temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide concentration in a certain facility to produce stably regardless of the season or the location

What is the plant factory business?

It is a system that artificially controls light, temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide concentration in a certain facility for stable production regardless of season or location. In a recent situation where unusual weather is frequently occurs and leads to the issues of food safety and price jump, the plan factory is getting great attention. Green Plus has developed and completed a fully-controlled plant factory and a plant factory for solar power plants through an unrivaled environmental control technology secured through the greenhouse business, and has a nutriculture system unique to Green Plus for safe and convenient cultivation.

Unique plant factory system

  • Increase in the cultivation area

    Optimized environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, sunlight, and culture medium
    Designed in a double-layered structure, efficient even in a small space
    High yield is expected
  • Energy-saving

    Energy-saving effect through using renewable energy
    Double effect of a high growth rate
  • Harvest is possible in four seasons

    Not affected by the external environmental changes that have a profound effect on plant growth
    No worries of pests and pesticide contamination
    Possible to produce safe food throughout the year
  • Labor cost reduction and user convenience

    Increase in the cultivation area
    Great convenience in operating the cultivation facilities
    Possible to increase in the effective yield compared to the existing work force

Fully controlled artificial light (LED, fluorescent lamp) - F.B. system

The plants are grown only with the artificial light sources such as fluorescent lamps or LEDs optimized for plant growth in indoors where the natural light is completely blocked.

A system automatically transferring bed plates to one zone per day after planting

Unmanned system using the Clean-Room

  • Fluorescent lamp cultivation system
  • LED cultivation system

Green Plus Co., Ltd., Cultivated plants using the plant factory system

Combined type of natural and artificial lights - F.C. system

By using a differentiated automatic crop transfer system in a high-tech glass greenhouse, all crops evenly receive sunlight so that photosynthesis would be more effective.

Uses the sunlight to the fullest and meet the amount of redundant light through compensation (1/5 of electric energy)

Maximizes the cultivation area with chain movable and multi-stage (10-stage) (20 times compared to the existing 1-stage)

The completely unmanned cultivation room makes it easy to control diseases and pests, reduce work man-hours (reduces personnel input)

  • Plant cultivation module
  • Nutrient solution cultivation system
  • LED cultivation system

The automatic up-down smart cultivation system - No work path needed

A cultivation system that maximizes the effective area of cultivation by 2 to 10 times by applying the up-down (seesaw principle) system

A cultivation system that can automatically reciprocate up and down and harvest and sow in a stable position

A cultivation system that dramatically improves the labor and cultivation costs with single installation

  • Up-Down System-Lettuce
  • Lettuce cultivation
  • Strawberry cultivation