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Vision & Strategy

The Goal of Green Plus

  • Starting with the greenhouse business in 1997, through customer satisfaction and quality innovation, Green Plus Co., Ltd. is growing as a green company by conducting various green fields e.g. Korea's top high-technology greenhouse business, natural light combination type, artificial light plant factory business, aluminum business for construction, industrial, defense, solar power business for BIPV, greenery and landscape projects, and urban landscape projects.

  • In particular, as Korea's top company in the high-technology greenhouse field, we have exported and constructed more than 490 acres from 1999 to the high-tech greenhouse powerhouse, and obtained ISO9001 certification by internalizing the entire process from greenhouse design to material manufacturing and construction in factories with more than 8.17 acres.

  • The company-affiliated research institute, which is composed of the best experts in the greenhouse field in Korea, holds various valid patents. Also, we have recently entered the plant factory business with the environmental control and cultivation technology accumulated through the advanced greenhouse business.

  • The plant factory using both the natural and artificial light, that Green Plus Co., Ltd. prides itself, secured the profitability and competitiveness, which were the core issues of plant factories, and is developing and commercializing various types of plant cultivation systems.

  • Green Plus Co., Ltd. is constantly striving to be reborn as a green company for the environment and humanity, and we will do our best to provide customer satisfaction and trust.

Businesses of Green Plus

  • State-of-the-art Greenhouse Business

    Effort of Green Plus for the successful farming!

  • Plant Factory Business

    Future-oriented agriculture through unrivaled environmental control technology!

  • Aluminum Business

    World-renowned aluminum production technology!

  • Solar business

    New and renewable energy that represents a green company!

  • Urban Landscape Business

    Eco-friendly landscape business that designs the beauty of the city!

  • Aquaculture Business

    Circulation filtered eel farming/GFT shrimp farming system!