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Green Business (Greenery) Landscaping Division

Greenery Landscape

Nearest greenery business using rainwater
Green landscaping of Green Plus that includes both the interior and exterior of the building

What is the greenery landscaping business?

Green Plus has secured the know-how on the growth of plants through the greenhouse business, and has succeeded in developing technology and product modules that enable greening inside and outside buildings, which minimize the load on buildings through experience with various structures. It is recognized as a statutory landscaping area as well as increasing the efficiency of space, improving aesthetics, and using it as a relaxation space. Greening blocks that can be cultivated by circulating rainwater made it convenient for maintenance and shortened the installation and construction period.

Advantages of Green Landscape

  • Increase in space efficiency
    improving the aesthetics and with a resting space

  • More convenient maintenance through
    the greening block that can be cultivated by purifying rainwater

  • Shortening the installation
    and construction period

  • Recognized
    as a legal landscaping area

  • Rooftop landscaping
    The heat conducted from the roof or wall of the building raises the indoor temperature, while the rooftop landscape Through functions such as temperature control, air purification, sound insulation, and windbreak, enhances not only visual beauty but also efficiency of the building.

    Space efficiency

    Increase in urban green space

    mprovement in urban aesthetics

    Use as a resting space

    Recognized as a legal landscape area

  • Vertical landscaping (Building greening)
    It refers to a garden inside a wall that adds artistic value to an existing building by planting plants on the wall of a building. Vertical landscaping is a system that manages plants through irrigation, not soil, and brings nature away from us into urban spaces and buildings.

    Increase in building aesthetics and green space

    Environmental utility to absorb harmful substances

    Installation outdoors, indoors, walls and pillars, as well as in confined spaces possible